Welcome to Rotoheaven

Welcome to Rotoheaven.com!

For some long time readers, this is may be a welcome back. For others, welcome aboard!

What is Rotoheaven.com?
I founded Rotoheaven.com or “Rob’s Fantasy Baseball Heaven” in the spring of 1997, focusing on baseball transaction, player injury, and prospect analysis. These later morphed into two article series known as “The Diamond Exchange” and then “The Prospector” over at Mastersball.com. While I’m still very much involved at Mastersball.com on the Platinum side of things, I will now be going back to my roots and combining these two pieces as the main feature here at Rotoheaven.com.

I also take interest in developing auction drafting, excel-based applications and may share them from time to time here as well.

However, as this is my very own corner of the Internet, I will not be limiting myself to merely fantasy baseball analysis, but will also on occasion foray into discussions of some of my other interests as well.

Please check my “about page” for more about me and look for more posts soon!



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